The Championship is sanctioned by NASA and is run in line with the current NASA handbook. It is the host Clubs responsibility to meet and manage the meetings to the appropriate regulations.


The basic intention of the Championship is to provide a race meeting which has a managed level of entrants to enable the hosts to provide a meeting which keeps good time, allows full length heats and finals to be run. Recent history of "supersize" meetings has lead competitors to question the dawn to dusk mentality that has been created.

Whilst this is the intention, there are of course many factors that can effect the ability to achieve this - weather, driver behaviour, accidents, medical care and other force majeure outside of the hosts control. Therefore, please note the format is an intention - not a guarantee.

The concept of entering a race meeting is new to Autograss and support will be given but it is the competitors responsibility to enter and pay through the appropriate channels at the right time.


Any competitor who registers to take part in the UKAC or who takes part in any race meeting that is part of the UKAC and any Club or League that undertakes to run an event as part of the UKAC shall recognise the authority of the UKAC Committee in respect of all matters covered by these rules and any other matter directly or indirectly affecting the UKAC, its promotion, perpetuation and correct precedures.

The Championship is intended to offer Autograss racers the opportunity to compete at five race meetings hosted at separate locations using points scored at each round towards a Championship.

Overall and Class prizes will be awarded by the UKAC organisation at the end of the Championship. It is envisaged that awards will be distributed at Presentation Evening.

2018 Rounds

The UKAC is responsible for collating the points scored by registered drivers at five rounds of the Championship - a Championship points co-ordinator is to be appointed.

The 2018 venues are shown below:

Round 1: 18/19 May - Sturton
Round 2: 22/23 June - Hereford
Round 3: 13/14 July - East Midlands League
Round 4: 17/18 August - Leewood
Round 5: 14/15 September- Radford

Pre Entry

Each meeting is strictly limited to a maximum of 400 cars. (At the UKAC Committees discretion this will be increased to 400 + cars from the host club / league)

To manage this situation, drivers will be required to pre-enter. The entry requirements are shown below. Please note entry opens at the proceeding round and entries must be accompanied with the appropriate fee for each driver in the entered car. Initial entry list will be open to UKAC Registered drivers and host Club / League drivers**. The entries will open at the previous round of the Championship.

Entries for Round One will open approximately six weeks before the meeting and will be advised by the Host & UKAC committee.

**Host & UKAC committee to decide on Club or League

Drivers are eligible to enter in the Class and Car No that they have registered with. Other Cars / Classes can be raced in but entry on these non-registered Car / Class is only available when entries open to all drivers.

Entries will close at Midnight on the Tuesday of the week before the meeting.

Pre entry fees will need to be paid at the point of pre entry. The UKAC committee are responsible for the details and will inform drivers of the entry requirements and the method of payment required. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The Pre Entry Fees, collected by the UKAC Committee will be paid to the Host club at 12.00pm (Noon) On the Friday in which the gates open to each event. Where the event is cancelled after this Point, the Host Club, will be responsible for any discounts.

The remaining entry fees will need to be paid at the point of entry for each venue.

The timetable of entry list opening times is shown above. The instructions will be published as seen fit by the UKAC Committee but would generally consist of notification on the UKAC website and Facebook page, along with Club Website if applicable.

The UKAC Committee have appointed an entries co-ordinator. This person will be the sole contact for entries. Competitors should not use any other route to attempt to attain their entry.

Entry fees are non-refundable except if the meeting is cancelled before the venue opens. If this is the case, then all drivers will receive a refund for monies paid. Note- UKAC may charge an administration fee - if this is to be the case, you will be notified in the instructions for entry to the round.

The UKAC Committee will renew failed entries and may take action against drivers in the category.

The hosts will ensure entry lists are available on the gate to verify fees and attendance.

The balance of gate fees will be charged in line with the tariff laid out below: £20 entrance per person for the weekend - Ladies, Juniors and Mens
£10 per camping unit.
NIL Signing-on fee

Planned Format

One meeting over two days.

Three heats and final. There will be B finals for all Classes where 25 Cars or more start the event. Junior classes will have a B Final at all rounds.

Six lap heats and six lap final ** at discretion of hosts and dependant on circumstances.

Gates open 12:00noon Friday, close 12:00noon Monday.

If the meeting does not run its full schedule then the UK Autograss organisation will allocate points scored. There will be no notional scores taken. The Championship will be run and points awarded for Mens Classes One to Ten, Ladies Classes One to Ten and Junior Saloons and Specials. F600 and Stockhatch are also included in the Championship scope.


Heats: 55 - 45 - 36 - 28 - 21 - 15 - 10 - 6

A Finals: 20 - 18 - 16 - 15 - 14 - 13 - 12 - 11

B Finals: 10 - 8 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

C of C 20 down to 1 point – The Winner of the A final, and the “Race 1” in heat 2 of each Class are eligible.

Cars who finish in 7th or 8th place with a green flag, making them 9th or 10th will be given 0 points as they are outside the number of positions available.

Saturday Race Day start time is 10:00am, Sunday Race Day start time is to be 9.30am, unless otherwise stated by the club ** Hosts & UKAC Committee to determine based on entry level.

Race Permutation

All Classes in the Championship will compete for points in their Class. Races may be amalgamated at hosts discretion based on number of entries.

Overall Championship positions in every class will be the highest points scoring driver from all five meetings - counting points scored in all heats, finals and C of C races. I.e. Maximum score on race weekend is 55+55+55+20+20 = 205

UKAC Overall Champion in Men’s, Ladies and Juniors will be decided using finals and C of C races only. This is aimed at keeping the Overall Champion titles close throughout the season and minimising the effect of differing class numbers.

A specific format is to be used to position the cars in the correct heats:

Heat One - Random Draw - **Method to be agreed by hosts

Heat Two - Top 8 (or appropriate number in each heat) point scorers from heat one race together. Drivers 9 - 16 race together etc. etc.

Heat Three - Top 8 (or appropriate number in each heat) point scorers from heat two race together. Drivers 9 - 16 race together etc. etc.

If a reduced number of cars come to the line in any Class, to the extent that at least one less race could be run in that Class, the hosts reserve the right to manually amend any pre-drawn race and grid permutations.

Final - Top 8 point scorers from Heats 1 - 3 (as normal). Drivers in the final will pick their grid positions in the order they qualified for the final.

Ties to decide racers in heats two and three are automatically randomly sorted by the computer.

Ties for finals to be decided by a ‘Run Off’, unless an agreement is reach between the drivers.

The hosts will fill places in the event that a final is short of competitors. However once the Cars have been called to the holding lanes, there will be no substitutions.

Registration with UKAC 2018

Registration is free.

Two drivers who share a car can register together and on this basis the car will collect points - whichever of the two drivers is competing. Obviously this is if there are two drivers who compete in a category together not a normal male and female shared agreement where one races in men’s and the other in the ladies etc.


At the event this is the responsibility of the hosts but will be assisted by members of the UKAC Committee (where possible) during the meeting.

By entering and registering for the UKAC, a competitor agrees to be subject to an engine strip and full examination of their car if deemed appropriate by The UKAC Committee at any point. The manner & location of examination is at the discretion of the UKAC Committee, however all relevant NASA rules will be complied with. If an irregularity is found the car and all drivers will be excluded from the current year's UKAC and all points up to the date of examination will be forfeited.

Drivers in award positions after the final round of the championship will be invited to a mandatory Post Championship scrutineering session. Location and date to be confirm. The car must be presented to the Scrutineering event in the same manner as raced throughout the championship. Failure to attend the event, may result in the driver being excluded from the current year's UKAC and all points will be forfeited.

If a registered driver's car is found to be illegal by any means other than the above procedures, the registered driver will be excluded from the current year's UKAC and all points will be forfeited.

If a car is deemed illegal by the NASA board of Directors at a NASA authorized meeting at any time during the season all UKAC registered drivers of that car may lose all UKAC points gained prior to the date of the infringement.

Where any class has an engine capacity limit, provision must be made for engine sealing by the UKAC Committee. This is in addition to any sealing requirements from other parties. The UKAC reserve the right to take details of any other seals that already exist on the engine. Any seals put on by the UKAC or in which the UKAC have taken details of, may only be removed with the express permission from The UKAC committee. Breach of this will result in disciplinary action.

Where the UKAC Have sealed or taken details of existing seals attached to any engine. The engine can only be removed with the expressed permission of the UKAC committee. All engines, (including those removed) must be made available to the UKAC Committee for inspection and testing, until such notice is received by the UKAC Committee.

The host League will also report any infringements found to the UKAC committee and NASA for further action as appropriate.

The UKAC Committee may also withdraw any Driver and / or Vehicle the right to race in the Championship.

End of Season - Prizes

Awards for Top 4*** in each Class will be presented at the UKAC Presentation Evening.

To be eligible for an end of year trophy, the Car / Driver must have competed in a minimum of three UKAC meetings in the season.

***Dependant on the number of competitors who have taken part in the Championship.

2 Competitors - 1st Place only.

3 - 5 Competitors - 1st and 2nd Place only.

6-9 Competitors - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Only.

Over 9 Competitors - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place.

Experimental Cars

Experimental cars sanctioned by NASA are eligible to score points in the Championship.

Awards - Race Day

Hosts are responsible for awards to drivers who are successful in the Class finals.

The quantity and type of awards are at the discretion of the host, however should be of a suitable standard for a UK Championship.


Any driver who brings the Championship into disrepute in any way will be dealt with by the hosts, Championship Committee and / or NASA dependant on circumstances and severity of actions leading to disciplinary action. The NASA members' disciplinary tariff will apply.


Any formal complaints about the Championship must be in writing to the Championship Co-ordinator.

Overarching Statement

Any incident or occurrence not covered in the above rules will be dealt with appropriately.

As the Championship develops, it is a requirement as a registered contender that you compete in the spirit of common sense and sportsmanship.

If in doubt - ASK - do not assume.

UKAC Contacts 2018

The key contacts of the 2017 series are:

Paul Waldron - Championship Coordinator.

Lee Waldron - Assistant Championship Coordinator.

Simon Reeve - Pre Entry & Points Coordinator.

Rachel Waldron – Pre Entry Coordinator.

Rob Simmonds – Scrutineering Coordinator.

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