What Is The UKAC?

A little bit about the series..

The United Kingdom Autogass Championship (UKAC) started in 2013, it consists of five rounds over the course of the season, visiting different venues each time.

What's great about the UKAC? It's a fun series that provides thrilling heats due to the way they are run, but this also provides a close faught championship in each class with many going down to the last round, if not the last race! Not only is the racing exciting, it is always a relaxed and friendly environment, where you are guaranteed a fun weekend and everyone is there just to enjoy themselves. No dramas, just pure Autograss at it's best.

The UK Autograss Championships is a five round points Championship run on selected venues which are spread around the United Kingdom. The unique format used for the qualifying heats enables the racing to be fast and action packed.

Using this format ensures that the winner at the end of the season is a very worthy Champion. The Championship produces 26 class title winners and three overall UK winners. Classes are Mens, Ladies and Juniors. There will also be a few competitions ran throughout the Series, one being the DNG sponsored Mini League.

To find out more information not covered on this website, please contact a member of the Committee, whose contact details can be found on the Contact Page.

Rules & Regulations

By registering for the UK Autograss Championships, you accept and agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations.

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