2022 Over and Out

Here are the final standings for 2022 Fleetcare Services UK Autograss Championship:
It has been an incredible season, with many championship positions still changing places in the final races.
Looking at the points, there is also a couple of you managed to collect all Saturday Shootout trophies, please post your photos of all 5 together below ???
A few highlights from the points, although there are many more if you look.
Class 1 – 2nd to 4th being decided in the final Champion of Champions race.
Class 6 – after 5 rounds, 2nd place missed out on the championship trophy by 3 points.
Class 8 – 9 points splits 1st and 2nd. Championship decided in the Class 8 A final.
Junior Specials – Y15 Dan Thompson wining 19 out of 19 races he took part in.
Ladies overall title N492 Mollie Richardson class 9 and SN269 Trish George Class 3 equal on points after 23 races.
Thank you.
UK Autograss